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For over 30 years I've hosted TV shows...

Hung out with Muppets...

And taken a couple of Treks into the Final Frontier...

But it all began when 16 year-old Tom called Moe & Larry

Coming October 25, 2019

From Stooges Whisperer to Rogers Whistler

Asked 1st if I'd host a companion DVD, producer Dennis Scott then asked if I could sing.  I can.  You'll have to wait until October 25 to hear THAT, but I can give you a whistling sample below... 

Here's some improvised whistling to the album's title tune

My Broadcast Singing Debut From 1981

This aired on WHEB-FM in Portsmouth, NH, where I hosted a nightly show from 1980-1983.  A parody of  "Bette Davis Eyes" and a celebration of caffeine, it had no connection to the Bruce Baum version released later with the same title

On the acting front, I recently took a Twilight Zone-ish trip...

From Writer-Director Ben Shelton ("Candy Jar"), Emmy winner Jean Smart ("Fargo," "Designing Women"), RJ Walker ("Atlanta") and Yours Truly...

Enter the world of The Messenger

Some Backstory

Here's the trailer for the Ben Shelton-directed Netflix film "Candy Jar."  Such a great cast including Sami Gayle, Jacob Latimore, Helen Hunt, Uzo Aduba and Christina Hendricks.  Ben cast me as curmudgeonly Principal Nelson.  It was on this production that he & I decided to work together again on what became "The Messenger."

About The Messenger


Meet The Messenger

He's tired and about to go rogue

For 40 years he's been delivering envelopes.  On each envelope is the recepient's fingerprint.

You'll Know Why He's There

He's handing you an envelope.  It has YOUR fingerprint on it.  But IN it...


He's The Messenger of Death the news few people want.  The news of when you'll die.

My Theme Song. Courtesy of Jill Sobule.

Jill offered to re-record it (she mispronounced my hometown "Hay-Vrill" as "Have-a-rill") but this tune is too good not to share.  I love it.

One More Thing Before You Go

Our First Collaboration.  I lure Tim & Sam Daly onto a little dance show.  Written & Directed by Ben Shelton